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#GetWatchers help artists increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more watchers and pageviews.

How does it work?

GetWatchers provide a tool based on the give and get principle that helps you get more exposure and find new talented artists.

With the #GetWatchers Artworks viewer you will be able to navigate through artworks of other members and each time you will view an artwork you will automatically receive views in exchange (from other members). This could help you receive more feedback (Comments, Criticisms, Faves and/or Watchers).

Every time you will click on the green arrow your credits counter will go up. When you have collected a nice amount of credits just relax and wait! Within a short time period other GW members will be directed to your art. If you use the Artworks Viewer a lot you will receive notably more views, favs and comments on your art than before. This process could help you improve your ability and have a better understanding of how others perceive your art.

Also, if your artwork is selected by a GetWatchers judge, it will be featured and exposed to more than 70,000 members on our group front page. To start, just enter your dA username above and select one of your artwork.

Submission rules:

NO pornographic content
NO extreme violence and/or horror
NO racism/hate

Frequently asked questions:

What is Getwatchers?

#GetWatchers is a group created to, hopefully (as our name says), get you, the artist, more watchers, feedback and exposure to help you improve and/or only for the pleasure of sharing your art.

The artist still has the submitted artwork copyrights?

We do not upload your arts on any server; people will be simply redirected to your usual dA deviation's page. Thus, the same copyrights rules apply.

Whats about security on your site?

GW do not link to any external site except from DeviantArt and Google Ads. We trust our ads provider because they manually verify/scan each sites promoted via their Ads network. However, we encourage you to never download any programs from any external sites unless you really trust/know the site. We highly encourage you to download a good anti-virus (links scanner, firewall, etc) from a trusted company and the most important part: Please always updates your navigator software’s with latest versions and install windows/MAC security updates to ensure your computer is protected against majority of threats. Note that our application is designed for Firefox and Chrome.

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#GetWatchers Group - We help artists to expand their audience.